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Cohen Plaza posted a photo Aug 19, 2016

Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith left a positive review Oct 13, 2014

I really enjoyed this event! I think that the way it was set up, like location and also the timing of the speeches worked really well. It was fun to be able to get up and speak, and I'm really glad I did. All of the other speakers were great and inspirational, and I hope it helped any other students. The SafeZone sign up sheets were a great idea! I know I signed up and it looked like a lot of other people did too. Wonderful event, and I loved the organizations that were there to answer questions.

Skylar McCormick

Skylar McCormick left a positive review Oct 10, 2014

I really appreciate so many people coming out for this event! Some of my favorite parts were Sammy's speech, SafeZone Training Sign-ups, and the Faculty and Staff Out List. I think this event really had a lot of resources to offer, great food, and created a space where people could reflect on each others coming out experiences as well as the environment MICA creates for those who identify as queer on campus. <3

Liam Quigley

Liam Quigley left a positive review Oct 1, 2010

Great event by SOS

Liam Quigley

Liam Quigley left a positive review Oct 8, 2010

It was fun. Thanks.