Sunday, March 12

GradEx Juried Group Show

Giulia Piera Livi, Noa Heyne, Ben Hamburger, Luke Ikard, Jiuxun Jin, Yael Sloma, Hyeonjung Haya Kim, and MengYang Wang's work will be on display.

Light and Shadow: Paintings and Drawings by Philip Koch from Edward Hopper's Studio

MICA faculty member Philip Koch's long and unprecedented access to Edward Hopper's Cape Cod studio has allowed him to produce a significant group of...

MICA Grad Show 2017: Teaching, MA

MICA Grad Show is the culminating exhibition of graduating student work across MFA, MA and Post-Baccalaureate programs. Our Graduate Exhibition Season...

Mickalene Thomas: Muse and tête-à-tête

Muse and tête-à-tête highlights photographs by Mickalene Thomas and various photographers. Known for her large-scale, multi-textured, and...

William A. Christenberry: Laying-by Time

Laying-by Time highlights a broad sample of work by William Christenberry. Drawing on his explorations, recollections and interpretations of Hale County,...

Hyeonjung Haya Kim Exhibition

GradEx presents a solo show by Hyeonjung Haya Kim.

Sunday, March 12