Fashion Revolution: The Radical Imagination of Ethical Fashion

Inspired by the global movement "Fashion Revolution" this panel will open up a conversation about the challenges and possibilities of producing and consuming fashion ethically. Bringing together leaders in the sustainable fashion movement, the panel will explore how designers can work to produce fashion in a way that is mindful of the concerns of waste, pollution, and fair labor practices. It will pull back the curtain on the complexities of the global supply chain and give consumers of fashion a sense of the role we can play in creating an ethical and sustainable fashion system. Featured Panelists Rachel Faller, (MICA Fiber '08) Founder and Creative Director, Tonlé Camille Tagle, Director of Reuse Partnerships, FABSCRAP Janice Wallace, DC Sustainable Fashion Collective

Friday, October 4 at 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Main Building, 110
1300 W Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217, USA

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