Graduate exhibition (GradEX)

The Graduate Exhibitions Committee, also known as GradEx, would like to expand the opportunities MICA graduate students have to showcase their work. GradEx is a student-run organization that facilitates learning experiences through the curation and exhibition of art and design. 


Graduate Interdisciplinary Club

Do you know any painting students who have wanted to work with a graphic designer to create wall text for their exhibit? Are there sculpture students who would like to get experience making sets for a film? Any social design or community arts students who would like to work with a photographer or filmmaker to document their work? These are just some examples of the types of collaborations that the Graduate Interdisciplinary Club hopes to facilitate. This club will get the creative juices flowing between graduate student departments and help graduate students develop professional collaborations that last long after graduation. We hold monthly meetings hosted by different programs to showcase recent project and pitch opportunities for graduate students in other disciplines to get involved. We also host short, student-led skill-sharing workshops to provide hands-on experience in new and interesting mediums.

Friday, May 4, 2018 at 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Fred Lazarus IV Center, 090
131 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD, USA

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